Scholarship for MBBS in USA: A Comprehensive Guide

Scholarship For MBBS in USA

Many aspirants to become doctors around the world have the goal of studying medicine in the United States. The high expense of medical school, however, can be a major obstacle. One essential tool that helps students with this financial burden is a scholarship. The fundamentals of searching for and applying for Scholarship for MBBS in USA are covered in this article.

Here’s the list of 10 top Scholarship for MBBS in USA

Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship

In 1951, the scholarship program was founded. It bears the name of Dr. Joseph Collins, a neurology pioneer in 1888, and offers a $10,000 annual scholarship reward. Scholarships from the Joseph Collins Foundation are available to students pursuing medical degrees in psychiatry, neurology, and general practice. This scholarship is available to students attending medical schools east of the Mississippi River. Higher academic standing will also be required of the students, particularly those in the top half of the class.

Harvard Medical School Scholarships

Scholarship for MBBS in USA from Harvard Medical School (HMS) are available to MBBS candidates who choose to enroll in HMS medical courses. It includes both the required fees for doctorate students as well as the tuition. A committee determines the scholarship recipient’s eligibility by deducting the family contribution from the institutional total, which includes tuition and mandatory fees. Scholarships from HMS are only available for eight semesters. You must submit information about your pre-medical background, preferred residency, professional interests, and academic progress during the application process.

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship has awarded funding to numerous scholars totaling $14.6 million, with an average annual award of $10,112. The ability to study in any stream is one of the main advantages of the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. It offers the students a grant of $55,000 annually, which covers living expenses, books, tuition, and other necessary fees. When applying for scholarships, medical students must provide documentation of their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). You must have completed a two-year course at any US university, and there is no upper age limit.

Howard G. Lapsley Memorial Scholarship Fund for Medical Education

Students pursuing medical degrees, particularly those who would like to attend school in the tri-county (Union, Somerset, and Middlesex) served by the JFK-Muhlenberg Campus, are eligible to apply for the Howard G. Lapsley Scholarship. Each student receives a $10,000 annual scholarship, which covers all expenses.

Provost Scholarship

If you’re a foreign student attending the University of Central Florida (UCF), you can also apply for the Provost scholarship in medicine in the USA. Applying separately is not required for this USA MBBS scholarship. When you apply to study at UCF, you are automatically regarded as eligible. High school students who have been accepted by undergraduate admissions for a summer or fall semester are eligible to receive the scholarship. For students to be eligible for this US medical scholarship, they must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.

NHS Corps Scholarship

The US government offers scholarships for the National Health Service Corps to students who are dedicated to improving healthcare and the welfare of citizens. For MBBS students, the program covers a variety of expenses, including tuition, books, supplies for school, equipment, and a monthly stipend for the length of the course. The requirements for US citizens to be eligible for an NHS scholarship are unique.

AMTIE Student Scholarship

This scholarship is available to high school students as well as those seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees in medicine in the United States. The need-based nature of this USA MBBS scholarship requires applicants to provide proof of their financial need. Two letters of recommendation and a minimum 500-word essay explaining your reasoning for selecting the particular medical career path are also required. Please ensure that your application is finished by April 1st if you wish to apply.

Stanford Institutional Aid

Applying to study for your MBBS at Stanford, one of the best medical schools in the United States? You can then apply for Stanford Institutional Aid. This scholarship for US MBBS is need-based. The grant amount is established by taking into account the financial circumstances of the students and their parents and calculating the difference between the total cost of attendance and the expected contribution. This is how to get accepted to Stanford University with ease.

Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship

An additional scholarship option for your MBBS in the USA is the Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, which is provided by the American Medical Association (AMA). Since 1950, AMA has given out more than $61 million in scholarships. The deadline for applications for 2024 is January 17. To apply for the Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, go to the official AMA website.

ASAHP Scholarship of Excellence

The ASAHP (Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions) Scholarship of Excellence is a viable option for those seeking financial assistance to pursue an MBBS degree in the United States. One of the greatest scholarships for MBBS in the United States is the ASAHP Scholarship of Excellence, which is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities in addition to performing exceptionally well in their medical programs.


Comprehensive information on Scholarship for MBBS in USA is provided on this page, along with details about other programs and the Joseph Collins Foundation and Harvard Medical School scholarships. By considerably lowering their financial burden, these scholarships enable aspiring physicians to finish their education. The handbook includes details on qualifications, how to apply, and the advantages of each scholarship.

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